einklang.net presents: atomrave
'atomrave' won 2nd place at the tum06. happy happy, joy joy!

our first interactive demo gives you the possibility to make your own cut and play with the creatures. to start interaction just hit TAB-key during the demo, otherwise sit down turn on your hi-fi equipment and enjoy the show.


: pet
: elektro heizmann
color ping_pong
: tjurn
directx engine
: feb (code by chaos)
technical requirements: a windows pc with min. 1.8 ghz and 512 mb memory, 3d graphic card with min. 64 mb memory, directx 9.0 with according drivers and a powerfull soundcard.

download atomrave - realtime for pc only (16 mb)
download atomrave - divx (4:52 min - 110.0 mb)
download atomrave - quicktime (4:52 min - 122.0 mb)
or visit www.pouet.net or www.scene.org.

a few snaps for all who are unable to watch 'atomrave':
thanks go to: chaos, tjurn, tim_the_bag, padde, mello_propello, schrödo, jan-hendrik, hocker

in case of bugs send in a mail including details describing computer and problem via. bugs@einklang.net . do not wait.

don't even try it! (youtube version)