does universal beauty exist? an and extrawelt production released at breakpoint08 further infos under theBeauty.

download theBeauty - realtime for pc only (49 mb)
download theBeauty - wm9 (5:52 min - 255.0 mb)
download theBeauty - mpg2 (5:52 min - 197.0 mb)
further infos under atomrave.

download atomrave - realtime for pc only (16.0 mb)
download atomrave - divx (4:52 min - 110.0 mb)
download atomrave - quicktime (4:52 min - 122.0 mb)
extinction level event - feat. peter shaw
is our youngest wild child - a dj/vj set broadcasted on "vs" in august 25th 2002. this 55min set represents our lastest visual developments. the music is straight forward techno mixed by berlin-based peter shaw. further infos under ele.
download extract from ele - divx (4:02 min - 91.8 mb)
a "visual-remix" production, released at mekka symposium 2002 in the wild competition.

download visrmx - divx (4:46 min - 107.0 mb)
d2e feat. vs timo maas
a visual joint-venture between d2e and for a timo maas mix. the show was broadcasted on "2step" in march 31st 2002.
download extracts from the show - divx (4:29 min - 103.0 mb)
in pumping machines we trust. our demo was born within that spirit. our vj-tool comes to a pulsating life and the scenes are always new and rendered differently each time in realtime. these scenes exsist upon algorithms variing therefore kicking.
full story here.

download medium - realtime for pc only (8.5 mb)
download medium - divx (6:09 min - 140.0 mb)
logo animation
do you like some logo animation for your event?
watch out for 3 examples made for a pall mall event - navigation - fold in russia.

download pall mall example 01 (mpg 1.9 mb)
download pall mall example 02 (mpg 2.8 mb)
download pall mall example 03 (mpg 1.1 mb)
showreel 2001
two extracts from our showreel 2001. original length: 8:40
download part1 - windows media player version (2.4 mb)
download part1 - mpeg version (3.2 mb)
download part2 - windows media player version (2.4 mb)
download part2 - mpeg version (3.2 mb)
cuts from a tv-report about us televised in 02.04.01.
the report is german only.
story: stefan mischer; camera: frank groth; editor: anja kosack
download windows media player version (3.8 mb)
download mpeg version (4.3 mb)