medium presents: medium
'medium' is a realtime working demo for windows-pcs entering category 'realime up to 15mb'. 'medium' got the 3rd place at a well*known computer- and demo-party called 'the party' - a big event worldwide.

special: our algorithms are variing constantly, so the pictures are never the same. every time you watch the demo. the optic and style of the demo is made in the tradition of our vjing.

: pet
bw ping_pong
: tjurn
makina gfx
: photoniklabor
directx engine
: feb (code by chaos)
: vinyl, mixed by pet
: 'continue' by g-man
: 'the real' by thomas krome - adam beyer mix
: 'neoplex' by ultratubes
technical requirements: a windows pc (win98 or higher) with min. 500 mhz and 128 mb memory, 3d graphic card with min. 16 mb memory (nvidia - gforce chip would be fine), min. directx 7.0 with according drivers and a powerfull soundcard.

download medium - realtime for pc only (8.5 mb)
download medium - divx (dauer 6:09 - 140.0 mb)
or visit or

a few snaps for all who are unable to watch 'medium':
coded visuals to please your eyes.

thanks go to: chaos for the directx-engine and mental support - 16 bit integer rock on! - all musicans for moving tunes which were mixed live - directely from vinyl.

in case of bugs send in a mail including details describing computer and problem via. . do not wait.

medium invades japan. in its january release the japanese magazine "windows 100%" features a short article about our 'medium'-demo which is included on a cd rom. so we made it ! since the mag is all about computers, games and naked school girls.