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the pictures within our heads and the patterns of electric currents are unconsciously constant. we are intervening visually in a very sensitive way.
visualizing the motto and athmosphere of an event/party synchronized to the sound. the athmosphere of the evening can be raised that way and the room seems to expand. our visuals fuse with the sound in realtime and lead you into a world of new impressions.
: peter cukierski
    code _ design
: tjurn timm
    graphics _ design in motion
: andreas samland
    3d graphics _ animation
: borys las-opolski
    3d graphics _ animation visually play back and forth in many modern flavoured ways, mainly with handmade code and programming and digitally generated sequences created with highend engines and high performance tools. we exclusively treat you with selfmade-material.
we constantly devellop new visuals and animations - which we influence synchronically to motion since we use realtime working programs allowing us to cut and mix as we desire. our latest tool especially designed to use the possibility to control the animations in a more sensitive way with more parameters. midi-like we play with light effects, camera movements, cuts, layered effects, animated visual sweets interactively synchronized to rythym and sound. sound and visual expierience unify. we take you on a ride full of images like a captain inviting you to dive into our virtual reality. let there be mixers and good sound and we treat you visually in finest ways. :) nerdattack3000.

theBeauty does universal beauty exist? an and extrawelt production released at breakpoint08
atomrave our first interactive demo, be prepared.
ele extinction level event - feat. peter shaw
medium in pumping machines we trust. our demo was born within that spirit.
don't even try it - theBeauty youtube version